Filter Coaelescer

Spitzer’s Filter Coalescers are designed to remove 99.9% of contaminants down to 0.3 microns. Available in both the Vertical or Horizontal layouts, these vessels remove contamination such as fine hydrocarbon mists and compressor lube oil in order to protect the integrity of the downstream equipment and processes.

  • Available with reverse flow elements for better liquid removal.
  • Available with pneumatic controls to be installed in remote locations with or without power.
  • Spitzer’s Horizontal Filter Coalescer offers easier access to the element for maintenance.
  • Spitzer’s Vertical Filter Coalescer provide better contamination removal and can shrink your process footprint.
  • Available in either the single boot, dual boot or dual chamber design Spitzer’s Filter Coalescer can be designed to fit your application.
  • Chambers come with quick opening closures in order to shorten maintenance and operation down time.
  • Spare filter elements are readily available for ease of replacement.