The Spitzer Advantage: Integrity Built In

Exceeding Expectations on Every Project

Our Commitment

At Spitzer we know how engineered modular equipment, subsea equipment, vessels, towers and structural steel are made.

Brent Crude

Natural Gas



Compressor Stations
Amine Plants
Modular Vessel Packages
Buoyancy Modules
Subsea Manifolds and Riser Bases
Subsea Suction Piles
Umbilical Reels
Pipe Rack Modules
Structural Steel
Structural Steel
Modular Fabrication
Modular Fabrication
Modular Fabrication
Modular Fabrication
Modular Fabrication
Modular Fabrication
Stainless Steel Demethanizer
Stainless Steel Demethanizer
Carbon Steel Debutanizer, Depropanizer, and Deisobutanizer


Horsepower of Gas Compression Packaged


National Board Numbered ASME Pressure Vessels


Square Feet of Under Roof Fabrication Space


Subsea Manifolds Fabricated Worldwide


Tons of Structural Steel Fabricated

Some of Our Valued Customers

Delivering High-Quality, Custom-Designed Products Safely and On Schedule

Spitzer Industries focuses on exceeding our customers’ expectations on every project. We believe we provide exceptional value through the quality of our work, our commitment to safety and by delivering products on schedule.

Spitzer Safety

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