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With an 82-acre footprint in Houston and ~700,000 sq. ft under roof, Spitzer has the space and equipment to execute even the largest, most complex custom fabrication projects. Our Fisher Road facility (198,000 sq. ft), Waterfront facility (174,000 sq. ft) and Brookshire facility (287,500 sq. ft) are each ASME Section VIII certified with identical processes, standards and centralized purchasing.

Fisher Road Facility
Waterfront Facility
Orizon Facility
Corporate Office

Fisher Road Facility

  • Property

  • 20-acre property with 198,000 sq. ft. under roof
  • Bay 1 – High Bay

  • 300ft long
  • Two (2) 100-Ton Cranes
  • Bay 2 – Assembly Bay

  • 600ft long
  • Four (4) 20-Ton Cranes
  • Bay 3 – Vessels Bay

  • 600ft long
  • Four (4) 20-Ton Cranes
  • Bay 4 – Piping Bay

  • 400ft long
  • Three (3) 10-ton Cranes
  • Two (2) 10-Ton Cranes
  • Bay 5 – Warehouse Bay

  • 400ft long
  • Two (2) 10-ton Cranes

Waterfront Facility

Our Waterfront facility on Greens Bayou provides direct access to the Houston Ship Channel, enabling worldwide shipment of subsea equipment and mega-modules, while reducing transportation costs.

The waterfront location, combined with the size of the facility and its extended capabilities, allows us to provide quicker response times from bidding through final delivery.

  • Water Access

  • 150 ft × 350 ft boat slip
  • 195 ft × 620 ft barge slip
  • 10- to 12-ft draft (B slip)
  • 15- to 16-draft (C slip)
  • 35-ft draft access to deepwater port
  • Shop

  • 4 bays, each 100 ft × 400 ft
  • 95 ft under hook
  • 8 50-ton bridge cranes
  • Property

  • 30-acre property with 174,000 sq. ft shop space under roof, and 21,000 sq. ft for coatings


Spitzer Industries’ Orizon division provides high quality fabricated structural steel for the petrochemical, refining, power generation, exploration & production, and offshore industries.

This state-of-the-art steel fabrication facility in Brookshire, Texas, is designed to maximize efficiency and space. The flow of the shop begins in metal preparation, then moves into a designated bay. Within each bay is a fit-up area, a welding area and a cleanup area. After cleanup, the steel moves into shipping where it is prepared and loaded for shipping.

Spitzer is certified by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) and meets all the requirements of the Conventional Steel Structures and Complex Steel Building Structures categories as set forth in the AISC certification program.

Capabilities Include

  • Up to 3,200 tons of structural steel per month with expedited deliveries
  • Leading edge equipment and modeling systems to develop precise shop drawings
  • A full range of detailing, employing some of the industry’s best structural steel detailers and checkers
  • Unlimited burning, using state-of-the-art plasma and gas burning equipment
  • Welding, using flux core, stick rod and sub-arc machines. All Spitzer welders are certified per American Welding Society D1.1 qualified procedures and are capable of producing welds using the full range of processes.

Facility Specs

  • 287,500 sq. ft under roof
  • 32-acre property
  • 50-ton lifting capacity with 37
    ft under hook
  • Two 25-ton cranes
  • Three 10-ton cranes
  • Eleven 5-ton cranes
  • Four 7.5-ton cranes
  • Numerous 1- and 2-ton jib cranes

Corporate Office

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