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Fuel Gas Skids

Much of the natural gas produced in the US contains hydrocarbon liquids or natural gas liquids (NGLs) in the vapor phase, and while NGLs are valuable they are not ideal for natural gas being used as a fuel gas within a station or natural gas which is going to be sold at pipeline specifications. This is because the NGLs raise both the dew point and the heating value of the gas. When the gas is out of specification or “off spec” it can have disastrous results including but not limited to lowering performance of gas driven engines, increased emissions, two phase slugging in major pipelines, melting flares or burring up compressor engines. In order to avoid these large upsets, it is necessary to process the gas or treat it to remove these NGLs. A common industry package used to achieve this is referred to as a Fuel Gas Condoning Skid. Our Fuel Gas Condoning Skids are designed to meet Pipeline and gas driven engine specifications.

  • Fuel Gas Conditioning Skid systems have a cheaper capital cost and operating costs compared to Mechanical Refrigeration Units.
  • Can be designed using standard carbon steel down to a -10°F dew point.
  • Spitzer Industries Fuel Gas Conditioning Skid are modularized for quick placement onto your facility for gas treating.
  • Spitzer Industries has over 20 years of Fuel Gas Conditioning Skid design and fabrication experience.
  • There are no power requirements or mechanical moving parts, giving this the skid the ability to be started up immediately after being bolted in.
  • Spitzer Industries has over 20 years of Gas Processing Equipment unit design and fabrication experience.

Standard Packages

Spitzers Standard Fuel Gas Conditioning Skid units are designed on one modular skid for ease of transportation and installation. Our standard packages can be arranged to meet the client’s specifications.

The package selected will depend on required flow rate and dew point requirements.

  • All packages are designed with ANSI 600 inlets and ANSI 150 outlets, Expecting to return Process Gas at 150 PSIG.
  • Can be designed to include post separation superheater to prevent further liquid drop out.
  • Includes JT valve and produced liquids separator
  • Pneumatic controls
  • Flexible design can treat as much gas a client required.

Optional Features

Spitzer Industries offers custom engineered and fabricated Standard Fuel Gas Conditioning Skid designed to meet your specifications and needs. Below are several optional features that Spitzer provides:

  • NACE compliance for sour service
  • Onshore and Offshore specification compliance
  • Electric Superheater Post separator
  • Electric controls

Process Description

The inlet gas will enter the Fuel Gas Conditioning Skid at anywhere from 1400 – 900 PSIG, entering the skid the gas will drop pressure across a Joule-Thompson Valve resulting in a temperature drop. The resulting temperature drop will result in the NLGs to liquify and drop out of the gas. The liquid will then be collected and separated in a cold separator. The liquids can be stored or shipped as produced NGL’s, while the gas will then pass through the optional superheater to be used as fuel gas and returned to the customer at 150 PSIG.

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