Spitzer Industries has a well-earned reputation for high-quality products, fabricated safely and delivered on schedule. Two Spitzer divisions have strong brands on their own.

Curtis Kelly, part of Spitzer Industries since 2007, has been a leading heavy vessel supplier since 1969 and is known for its expertise in fabricating vessels and towers using specialty alloys. Our Orizon division, which joined Spitzer Industries in 2008, has provided quality structural steel to many industries since 1998. These operating units work closely with our Tanner Road plant and Heavy Fabrication Division to provide multidisciplined fabrication solutions for our customers.

Curtis Kelly


Spitzer Industries’ Curtis Kelly division is a leading manufacturer of custom-designed and fabricated process equipment made from carbon, stainless steel and high alloys.

We provide a full range of heavy custom vessels, reactors, columns, towers and high-alloy polished equipment built to exacting specifications and project managed to meet critical delivery schedules. Examples include

  • Packed towers, trayed towers, absorber towers, process columns and reactor vessels
  • Blend tanks with agitators, storage tanks, polished tanks and vessels
  • Reactors
  • Process columns
  • Dimpled and half-pipe jacketed equipment
  • Oil dehydrators
  • Separators
  • Cryogenic equipment
  • De-methanizers
  • De-ethanizers
  • LNG equipment



Spitzer Industries’ Orizon division provides high-quality fabricated structural steel for the petrochemicals, refining, power generation, exploration and production, and offshore industries.

We also offer precision mooring and dock fabrication, as well as skid units for gas compression, fire, water, electric generation and chemical processing.

Our 255,000-sq-ft Orizon facility is fully equipped for structural steel fabrication and detailing, and can handle your largest projects. Highly automated processes and a bar-coded materials management system contribute to quality and efficiency. The plant’s capabilities include

  • Up to 3,200 tons of structural steel per month with expedited deliveries
  • Leading-edge equipment and modeling systems to develop precise shop drawings
  • A full range of detailing, employing some of the industry’s best structural steel detailers and checkers
  • Ability to cut beams up to 42 in. wide × 26 in. tall
  • Unlimited burning, using state-of-the-art plasma and gas-burning equipment
  • Welding, using flux core, stick rod and sub-arc machines. All Spitzer welders are certified per American Welding Society D1.1 qualified procedures and are capable of producing welds using the full range of processes.

Spitzer is also certified by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) and meets all the requirements of the Conventional Steel Structures and Complex Steel Building Structures categories as set forth in the AISC certification program.